Biography of Nicholas Bredimus

Nicholas “Nick” Bredimus was born in New Jersey in 1950, and he’s since made his mark in the worlds of airline travel, software development, and home design. But there’s more to a man than a simple list of business achievements, which is why this bio was created in the first place. As you continue to read, you’ll learn about a charismatic individual with a rich family history, as well as a maverick innovator within multiple fields.

Nicholas Bredimus: A Man from a Historical Family

Portrait of Nicholas Bredimus
Portrait of Nicholas Bredimus

Long before the subject of this article came into the world, his family name was being created centuries earlier during the Roman migration into Europe. One of the most notable figures on the family tree was Francois Bredimus, the individual who helped the family name take root and prosper in America.

Francois was born in Luxembourg during the 19th century, and even then the Bredimus family was admired throughout the region. The small village of his birth was named for the family, as were the local woods and an ancient castle. An earlier member of the family had even been bestowed with a noble title, and a French wine is still produced under the name Comte de Bredimus (Count of Bredimus).

An artist by trade, his specialty was painting massive murals on ceilings, and he plied his craft throughout Europe and even into Egypt. He was also a man of numerous other talents, something he demonstrated while serving in the French military throughout the Franco-Prussian War. During this time he interrogated prisoners and served as a translator, and his ability to speak nine languages served him well.

He met his future wife during one of his trips to Egypt, and they would later have seven children together. After his sister moved to the United States and prospered with her family, Francois decided to make the long trip by sea with his wife (pregnant with their first child). Their arrival in Des Moines, Iowa once again united the Bredimus clan from Luxembourg, and Francois cut quite a figure dressed in his favorite red fez.

There wasn’t much demand for ceiling murals in the United States, so Francois used his talents to decorate carriages. Only one of his children would follow in his professional footsteps, a further example of the wide interests and talents possessed by the family. And while the subject of this article never profited by painting, his time spent designing upscale housing would’ve surely brought a smile to his ancestor’s face.

Nicholas Bredimus: A Young Man with a Vision

Decades later, Nicholas Bredimus arrived into the waiting arms of an obstetrician on a cold winter’s morning in 1950 New Jersey. One of seven children, he was born to a father who worked as a mechanical design engineer and a mother who served as a nurse.  While the early years of his life were relatively uneventful, Nick would later demonstrate the wanderlust that’s common to many men of vision. After putting New Jersey in his rearview mirror, he resided in such diverse states as Missouri, Texas, Virginia, and Arizona. His time spent in the latter state would be especially pivotal, as it’s where he received his higher education and started working on becoming a family man.

Nicholas Bredimus graduated from the University of Phoenix, and it was during this period that he began to date an attractive clinical psychologist. Their relationship would result in marriage and produce the couple’s only child, Jason, although the pair would later divorce.

Nicholas Bredimus as Senior Vice President at Ramada Inns, showing off their custom built PC reservation system for PC Magazine.
Nicholas Bredimus as Senior Vice President at Ramada Inns, showing off their custom built PC reservation system for PC Magazine.

Armed with a college education and an impressive family pedigree, Nick Bredimus ventured out into the world to make his fortune. The Ramada hotel chain maintains its corporate headquarters in Phoenix, and Nick was soon bringing his innovative ideas to their boardroom. It wasn’t long before he was vice-president of the Information Services Division, and he had the foresight to begin including personal computers at all chain locations. This resulted in a major upswing in profit and productivity, and his reputation as an innovator was off and running. His early familiarity with computers would also serve him well, eventually leading to the biggest—and most lucrative—development of his career.

According to the PC Magazine “Checking Inns” feature article , Ramada deployed about 600 PC-based reservation management stations across its properties in the early 1980s.  They claimed to have the first system of the kind in the world.  Nick Bredimus was featured in the article as leading the development effort.  The article notes that “prior to purchasing the IBM equipment, Ramada’s reservation system centered around Digital Equipment Corporation KI processors and ‘dumb’ ASCII dial-up terminals.  These were installed at each of the Ramada properties in the United States and Canada.  According to Nicholas Bredimus, vice-president of Ramada’s Information Services Division, the older terminals were costly to maintain and inefficient.”

Nicholas Bredimus: A Career in Corporate IT Management

Using his experience with Ramada as a springboard, Nick next set his sights on the exciting world of airline travel. He quickly found himself flourishing within the field, and his experience in the early days of computers allowed him to stay on the cutting edge of software development and implementation. Thanks to his unique skillset, he would obtain the positions of vice-president with a variety of companies, including Hughes Airwest, Republic Airlines, and Trans World Airlines.

During these years, Nicholas Bredimus also developed an airplane management computer program for US Airways. It soon grew into an industry standard, with many of the major airlines relying on his invention to regulate and maintain their all-important maintenance.

More impressive positions and innovations would follow, including managing the IT wing of American Express, founding QuickTix, and heading up AMR travel services for American Airlines. When it came to cutting edge software developments for the travel industry, the name Nick Bredimus was on everyone’s lips.

Nick Bredimus when he was President of AMR Travel Services, during the period when AMR was a partner in the CONFIRM project with Hilton, Marriott, and Budget Rent-A-Car.
Nick Bredimus when he was President of AMR Travel Services, during the period when AMR was a partner in the CONFIRM project with Hilton, Marriott, and Budget Rent-A-Car.

In 1988 AMR Corp. joined with Budget Rent-A-Car, Hilton Hotels Group, and Marriott Corp. in announcing a revolutionary new booking system to be called CONFIRM. According to a ComputerWorld, which would enable travelers to book flights, hotel rooms, and rental vehicles through one interface.  article from the time, the project was budgeted for $50 million and three years.  Unfortunately for consumers the project was ultimately discontinued but Nick learned valuable lessons from the deal that served him well later on in life.

A man with a lot to offer, Nicholas would later marry again, this time to a beautiful woman named Kyong. While they would have no offspring of their own, Nick and his new bride moved into a lavish Coppell, Texas residence with her two college-age kids from a previous relationship.

Nicholas Bredimus: An Innovator and Businessman

Nicholas Bredimus in his professional days. As a business man he often attended conferences and special gatherings.
Nicholas Bredimus in his professional days. As a business man he often attended conferences and special gatherings.

Not content to rest on his laurels, he founded Bredimus Systems with the goal of helping airlines across the globe lower their costs, manage revenue, and sell additional seats.  Although basic accounting systems were still in high demand in the 1990s when Bredimus Systems hit its stride, Nick and his team foresaw the need to create consumer service software. The result was yet another success, and the organization boasted a client list of over 40 of the world’s top airlines during Nick’s tenure.  Bredimus Systems’ Quiktix system, which gave travel agents and airline agents the ability to make and alter reservations cheaply and quickly, revolutionized the travel industry.  Within a few years news organizations around the world sought out Nick for his thoughts on major events in the air travel industry.

After he retired, the company would later change its name to Airlogica Corporation, although their founder’s original vision is still alive and well.  The travel industry continues to benefit from the principles and foresight of a true pioneer in consumer services business applications development and management.

These days, Nicholas Bredimus is enjoying all the perks and privileges that come with being retired. While he continues to follow the fast-paced worlds of technology and travel, he’s now content to allow others to put in the long hours that are required for success. Instead, he spends his days interacting with friends and old business associates on the Internet, working on his backswing, and enjoying family time at his Coppell residence.

Nicholas Bredimus Reflects Upon His Career

Hughes Airwest was one of billionaire Howard Hughes’ airlines. Hughes was a legendary man who pioneered some of the most interesting aviation engineering achievements of the 20th century, or at least contributed to such achievements. Those people who worked for Howard Hughes’ companies, especially in the aviation field, were a part of a very special kind of history.

I was involved indirectly in the sale of Hughes Airwest to Republic Airlines and was one of the few senior executives retained after the merger. Prior to the sale I was visited by senior management of Republic Airlines who made it clear they had a position for me. Apparently they spoke to the owners of Hughes Airwest, Summa Corporation, who in turn approached me with a retention agreement. Basically they wanted me hand-cuffed to my office chair until they could complete the acquisition. William Lummis, Chairman of Summa Corporation and a cousin of Howard Hughes, signed the agreement and later presented me with a check on the day the sale was completed. It was the largest check I had ever received and I used the proceeds to purchase IBM computer equipment for lease to corporations.

The depth of Bredimus’ career in aviation is such that he can easily recall other connections with the famous billionaire:

This was not my first brush with a company owned by Howard Hughes since I had joined TWA (Trans World Airlines) shortly after Hughes sold that airline. He used the $500 million profit to purchase Hughes Airwest which much later accrued to my benefit. There were legendary stories about HH at TWA. One tale is that TWA had a new four-engine jet delivered to an airfield in Wichita along with all its operating manuals. HH literally camped out on that airplane until he had learned enough to grab the controls and take off and land in a series of touch-and-goes. All by himself. Another story is the time that Chester Davis, lead attorney for Hughes’ businesses had negotiated a complex and lengthy settlement agreement. Davis left the meeting and immediately phoned HH from a Manhattan phone booth. He informed HH that the 100 page agreement was ready to sign, at which point HH told Davis “read it to me”.

I have sometimes imagined what might have happened had Hughes kept TWA and his sanity. He was the Steve Jobs of his era.

Nick’s career took many interesting turns as he climbed the corporate ladders and followed opportunities wherever they led him. Sometimes he met people from his past in new situations, as the following anecdote reveals.

Chester Davis emerged again as a character in my career while I was employed by Hughes Airwest. Summa Corporation owned three main businesses at the time: the airline, Hughes Helicopter, and the Las Vegas hotels and Casinos. Since I was responsible for IT at the more advanced airline operation, I was asked to comment on the sister IT organizations and send a report to Chester Davis. HH was still living but nowhere in sight. I flew to Vegas where a Summa employee met my flight and proceeded to drive me out into the desert and then turned into a long driveway. It turns out that the Summa data center was housed in an old ranch house which resembled a CIA safe-house complete with guard dogs and a security force. HH was rumored to be involved in CIA activities and I was certainly suspicious. My suspicion paled in comparison to the reaction of these “ranch hands” to my unwelcome inspection. Needless to say, my report to Mr. Davis was confidential and probably ignored. I wonder what happened to the safe-house after the estate of HH was finally wrapped up. Hopefully the dogs were well cared for.

Nicholas Bredimus did not simply observe aviation history as it passed by him. He lived through it.